10th MONUBASIN "Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards and Sustainable Preservation"

This International Symposium on the Conservation of Monuments in the Mediterranean Basin (MONUBASIN) has provided a forum for scientists, technicians and experts, in the area of conservation and restoration of monuments, to present their work and exchange ideas and experiences for over 28 years.
In this context, we have the great pleasure to announce that the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA, School of Chemical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering Section) will be organizing the 10th MONUBASIN.
The Symposium will take place from  20 to 22 of September 2017 following previous symposia at Bari (1989), Geneva (1991), Venice (1994), Rhodes (1997), Seville (2000), Lisbon (2004), Orléans (2007), Patras (2010) and Ankara (2014).
The theme of this Symposium is "Natural and Anthropogenic Hazards and Sustainable Preservation" and refers to the natural and anthropogenic hazards on monuments, as well as to the technologies used for damage rehabilitation in the direction of sustainable, long-lasting preservation.
The Symposium addresses research work from restoration engineers, architects, geologists, restorers and conservators of stone artifacts and other specialists in the decay and restoration of monuments, as well as archaeologists, art historians and scientists in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology.
During the 10th Symposium, the Monubasin Digital Repository (MDR) will be presented to the participants. The MDR will offer access to all previous Symposiums' proceedings (more than 900 papers) providing various methods of search (e.g. full-text search, by author name, by paper title, by Symposium, etc.).  All Symposium participants will have free access to the MDR contents.

Symposium Language

The official Language of the Symposium is English.

Important dates

17/10/2016  Conference Announcement
31/5/2016 Abstract submission deadline
30/06/2017  Full papers submission deadline
07/09/2017  Early registration deadline
30/08/2017  Symposium programme announcement
20/09/2017  Symposium starting day

Call for Extended Abstracts - Papers (Deadline: until end of May)

Authors are requested to submit extended abstracts on the following topics, after studying carefully Authors Guidelines. 
  1. Technologies for Damage Rehabilitation and Sustainable Preservation 
  2. Methodologies for Characterization and Damage Assessment
  3. Historical and Structural Aspects of Monuments    
  4. Natural and Anthropogenic Damage Hazards  
  5. Digital Techniques for Cultural Heritage 
  6. Planning and Cultural Heritage Management

Event Organisers